Start Upgrading Your Home

Remodel it with our make-ready services

Do you have a rental property? Are you financing a flip? You'll want a skilled contractor on the job. JAM Drywall & Construction, LLC improves homes throughout the Dallas area and will have your home ready for living in no time. Our contractor makes it a point to cover every part of a home while working cleanly to make moving in easy. You can always expect us to leave a site better than we found it and keep projects on schedule.

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Getting your property ready for new occupants

Getting your property ready for new occupants

When you want to update your property, bring in our professionals to handle everything. You can count on us to:

  • Wrap up basic repairs
  • Remodel outdated spaces
  • Make sure the entire space is up to code

Whether you're reselling the property or getting it ready for tenants, we'll be glad to manage your project. Speak to our owner today about your options for a flip.